2020 has been a challenging year for many people. It is a fact that I see in social networks and the Internet, in general, every day. I have seen it in the form of humor, memes, and open complaints. Each person has his reasons, and these reasons seem to be valid for most cases.

I believe that, although I have had my share of difficult moments, it has been a year in which I can say “thank you” for many reasons. If you allow me, I will share some of my reasons.

Thanks for being healthy

Amid a pandemic, I think it is relevant to be thankful for being healthy. With so many people around us being sick or afraid of being part of a risk group, I think it’s worth mentioning. Interestingly, this year, unlike in previous years, I have not gotten sick. I can only mention a stomach virus that kept my family vomiting for a few days and an occasional cold. I cannot say more.

Thanks for being close to my wife and children

The fact that I have had to work from home and the confinement has allowed me to be closer to my children and my wife. In fact, I feel that we are closer, perhaps, because of the confinement.

Thanks for my extended family

I have heard and read many people say that they miss being close to their family. In my case, being an expatriate, this year, again, has been the exception. This year I had the opportunity to visit my parents and in-laws, see cousins, brothers-in-law, nephews, and friends (that family you choose) in person. Most of them I haven’t seen in years and, in some cases, decades.

Thanks for the technology

It sounds a little weird now that I think about it, but it’s true. I am grateful because thanks to technology, I have been able to continue working almost as if nothing had happened, and I have been able to be more in touch with my family. This year, since many people are more used to using video conferencing tools, we have been more in touch with some than in previous years.

Thanks for the work

For some, it may be a fact. For others, not so much. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work and to be able to support your family. During this challenging year, I have heard from many people that they have lost their jobs or that the pandemic’s natural consequences have significantly reduced their income. So, yes, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a job.

Thanks for the new opportunities

Whether large or small, I am grateful for the many opportunities that have arisen, in some cases, unexpectedly this year.

Thanks for the difficulties

It sounds sarcastic, but many of this year’s difficulties have motivated me to change, grow, adapt, forget some things and relearn others.

Thank God for the life

Again, this may seem trivial, especially when you are young. But, as time goes by, and as we see others who have left us this year, I can only thank God for the opportunity to be alive. This year I have had the gift to turn forty years old. It has gone by quickly, but I feel that it has been one blessing after another. For me, this is the main reason for gratitude, and God is the primary recipient.

I hope that my motives will resonate with you in some way. They may resemble your reality somehow, or they may be completely different, and that’s okay.

In any case, what are your reasons to be grateful? 👇🏻