Some time ago, I found myself in a difficult situation where I saw no way out of my problem. Believing in God and having experienced his existence, I decided to pray. I asked for guidance to choose the best alternative (although, to be honest, I didn’t see a suitable choice). On other occasions, God has responded to me clearly, even earlier than I expected. But, on this occasion, there did not seem to be a clear response from God. What was clear was the silence.

I decided to continue to believe in God and wait despite the silence, and this wait took months. This does not mean that I stood by and waited. I did my best. But still, there seemed to be no visible solution. From time to time, the answer appeared to follow a shortcut, those solutions that are perhaps socially accepted, but not quite right.

These days I have been reading psalms from King David, and it seems that he too found himself in difficult situations where it seemed that God was not listening to him. In one of his psalms, the 28th, he says to God:

Lord, my protector, I cry out to you, do not refuse to answer me!

In my case, and although I cannot explain it with words, I knew at all times that God was with me despite the silence and that the problem was still there.

Today, thank God, the problem has been solved in a much more elegant way than I would have thought and without questionable shortcuts. In David’s case, it seems, he also had his answer because later in the same psalm, he says:

Blessed be the Lord, who has heard my prayers!

And he ends up saying:

The Lord is my powerful protector; in him, I trusted fully, and he helped me. My heart is joyful […]

If you are going through one of those moments when it seems that God does not listen, be patient. God has heard you. Most likely, this is not the most appropriate time for an answer. In my case, God has shown me again that, although sometimes it seems that he does not listen, he does listen, and he already has the solution to my problem. Perhaps the one who must learn to trust and wait is me. Today, like David in his psalm, my heart is joyful.

Are you experiencing a moment when it seems as God does is not listening? What are your thoughts? Leave them here 👇🏻